Branding Process & Deliverables

Branding Process



  • Research - Analysis on industry, competitor benchmarks, positioning, and market opportunities.

  • Purpose in Business - The understanding of why your business exists beyond creating revenues.

  • Mission - What your brand has set out to accomplish.

  • Vision - The world your brand stands to create.



  • Brand Pillars - The archetypes of your brand offerings and communication that stand as an obelisk of your endeavor.

  • Brand Positioning - Communication guide to reaching your buyer personas.

  • Brand Attributes - Identify the physical, character and personality traits that make your brand memorable.

  • Buyer Personas - Acquire deep buyer insight to create more effective marketing campaigns, and optimize the buyer experience.



  • Brand Identity - The visual definition of your brand including color pallet, logotype and overall identity.

  • Branded Content - How your brand comes to life, including literary tangibles and marketing channels.



  • Customer Journey - Understand how your customers discover, and buy your brand on and offline.

  • Touchpoint Optimization - The customer experience is the most vital part to sustaining long-term brand believers, we help to cater every touch point to engage, relate, and delight customers.

  • Ongoing Brand Strategy - Outline of basic brand strategy built to help you navigate your digital business on and offline.


Brand Deliverables

Brand Research


Extract the essential elements that currently define your brand. Become aware of challenges, opportunities, strengths and weaknesses as you audit the state of your business. During this phase we collect all the vital data needed for strategy. 



Your brand is not everything you say it is, it's everything your customers say it is. Get to know your buyer persona so you can personalize your brand's communications and messaging to resonate with your ideal customer.



Understanding your industry environment and competition can lead to beneficial insights on trends, opportunities, and differentiation. This data supports ongoing brand initiatives.

Brand Definition


Define the intangibles of what makes your brand stand out. Such as, voice, tone, mission, vision, value proposition, purpose in business, positioning, differentiation, and much more. This is where we begin to narrow the focus on defining your brand.



Bring your brand to life by applying defined strategies to the alignment of your visual identity. Here we execute the design of your logo, visual guidelines, and other foundational creative assets to begin visually inspiring.



Once strategy and identity have been created, launch your brand with ease and intention. Apply brand guidelines, visuals, and strategy across business departments such as your marketing and sales teams, human resources, and advisors.


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