Imagine + Innovate + Inspire



Who We Are
We are inspired entrepreneurs on a mission to lead business to better our world. We are a team made up of imaginative creatives who believe in one thing, brands and the entrepreneurs that drive them can make a radical difference on society and culture.

What We Do
Our team has extensive experience developing strategy and designing identity for purpose-driven brands. We specialize in branding startups and small businesses from a diverse range of industries. We aim to inspire innovative brilliance.


Why We Exist
Branding Ventures exists to birth a movement of inspiration. Our purpose is to be a vantage point for business in the 21st century. We aspire to positively impact the world in collaboration with brands and entrepreneurs co-creating the world of tomorrow.


These Are Our Values


We live in a world that urges to be magical. We preserve the creative engine of our minds. We maintain the vision and ingenuity of passionate curiosity. We live to play.



We endorse the pioneering efforts of a charismatic cause. We command a decree of collaborative ingenuity. We engage in the integrity of moral apparel.


We foster a collaborative environment cultivating the greatest ideas. We seek to develop and build, practical and scaleable solutions. We do things that matter.



We author the resilience of innovation. We embrace the coalescent veritably of our philosophy. We acclaim truth in operation as a cornerstone of excellence.



We aspire to lead business to a better world. We stimulate artistry and engage in influential vision.  We encourage, motivate and provoke. We celebrate life.



We respond to the call of civil responsibility. We perceive the construct of stable economic initiatives. We propose abundance.



Our roots begin with a deep understanding that matter causes meaning. We buy and sell, to express and experience. In this new era of conscious commerce, consumerism has entered humanization. Brand allows consumers to become co-creators, and turns business competition into collaboration.

By upgrading your business to brand, you align purpose to profit. Branding Ventures serves business at all levels, as brand is not business modeling, it is business management.

As people, we operate by trust, and we trust who we know. Brand engages to relate to the customer. The force that registers resonance, carries impact. We serve the inspired entrepreneur who expresses the bravery, creativity, and passion built on brand.

Our endeavor in digital, design, and technology; advances business efficiency and brand affinity. We imagine, innovate, and inspire the world of business and entrepreneurship.

The world doesn't need saving, it needs branding.


About the Founder

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Cory Kaimana Barros
Community Creator

As a thought leader of 21st century brand and millennial marketing, this native of Hawaii delights in quantum consciousness and manifesting the invisible. His keynote, ‘Purpose Beyond Profit’ catalyzes his decade career in marketing and entertainment to teach every inspired entrepreneur how to transform business into brand. Cory founded Branding Ventures to transform the chaos of communication into the harmony of humanization.




We serve the innovator in you.

Our clients have visionary spirits, creative minds, and innovative ideas. They are leading-edge entrepreneurs with a deep desire to be a catalyst for a positive future. Business is their outlet for change-making, social innovation, and global collaboration. 

It is our intention to inspire the leadership, creativity, and bravery required to build a better world. We see brand as the platform for business to transform culture and society in the 21st century.

This is a call to the dreamers, the doers, and the conscious creators out to make a sustainable difference around the world. If you care about positively impacting people, the planet and your profit; then we welcome you to our tribe of impact.